Aerify Charge Lite Compression Massage Leggings

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Compression therapy gets your lymphatic and circulatory systems moving faster, supporting the body's recovery processes, reducing inflammation and swelling, and contributing to a faster metabolism of tissues.


How are Aerify Compression Stockings Beneficial for You?

The stockings utilize compressed air with a maximum pressure of up to 240 mmHg, creating a smooth compression massage for your leg muscles. By alternating the compressed air into all four chambers of the stockings, compression therapy enhances your lymphatic and circulatory systems, supporting the body’s recovery processes, reducing inflammation and swelling, and contributing to a faster metabolism of tissues. It helps remove lactic acid from leg muscles after intense exercise, and the influx of oxygen-rich blood accelerates the feeling of lightness and improves the speed of muscle recovery.

A pressure of 240 mmHg is an unparalleled level! While in most therapy and recovery situations, such strong compression may not be necessary, there are some situations where such a high-pressure level is crucial. For example, if the stockings are to be used by an individual who is lean but has a very strong muscle structure, such as a top-level athlete or sports enthusiast. In such cases, a lower pressure may not provide sufficient compression massage effect for this specific body type to offer world-class therapy. Aerify CHARGE LITE performs exceptionally well in such situations, thanks to its amazingly strong air pressure capability.

Choose between two sizes of stockings (M and L)

  • M – 110cm x 70cm (user height 160cm – 175cm, leg length up to 88cm)
  • L – 125cm x 70cm (user height 176cm – 205cm, leg length up to >89cm)
  • The Aerify CHARGE LITE set includes a battery-powered control unit (pump) and leg stockings (choose your size).

If you have purchased the device for the first time, you need to read through the short user manual. Assembling the device is incredibly easy and should not take more than 5 minutes after the initial charging of the device. Place the Aerify strap over the air hose openings on the sleeves. Connect the air hoses through the strap to the sleeves. Close the straps on top of the air hoses with the snap fastener. Connect the air hose adapter of both sleeves to the device (pump).

NB! Aerify CHARGE LITE has one connection adapter, pay attention to the protruding pin on the adapter, which guides you to the correct connection.

Find a suitable place to lie down, put on the sleeves, and start the device with the button. You can choose between 6 different programs, all designed to accelerate the recovery of your muscles and body. By default, air fills all 4 air chambers, but you can turn on and off the air chambers as you wish. Also, you can easily adjust the air pressure strength in the chambers using the + and – buttons. Gradually, the air compression starts its work; the massage therapy speeds up blood circulation and helps efficiently cleanse the muscles from lactic acid and other metabolic by-products after intense training.

Aerify CHARGE LITE kompressioonimassaaž A-programm õhukambrite õhuga täitmise tsüklid Aerify CHARGE LITE Compression Massage oxygen cycles A-program
Let’s take, for example, Program A, which fills the chambers of the sleeves sequentially, starting from the foot. This helps to pump/squeeze out venous blood rich in muscle waste. Afterward, the chambers gradually empty, allowing arterial oxygen-rich blood to flow into the legs, and metabolism speeds up. After a short pause, the entire cycle begins again, filling the chambers sequentially, starting from the ankles. Depending on the selected program, the sequence of cycles for filling the air chambers is different, and the rate of filling, and the pause phase of the emptied chambers are different. This alternating and impactful compression process significantly accelerates the recovery rate of the legs. With a 20-minute session, compression massage can provide a recovery effect on the muscles equivalent to proper rest and a session with a masseur!

  1. The maximum air pressure of 240mmHg ensures a unique experience and a maximally effective tissue recovery process
  2. Two sizes of sleeves help adapt the device well to your body and maximize the impact of Aerify compression massage
  3. With up to 2.5 hours of use without recharging, the wireless device allows you to enjoy Aerify compression massage wherever you want, even in the refreshing outdoors
  4. The Aerify CHARGE LITE compression massage device fits into a small carrying bag, making it safe to store
  5. 6 preset automatic programs and 8 adjustable pressure levels help use compression massage flexibly to guarantee the best recovery effect for your body condition
  6. Comes with a 2-year warranty, longer than many other competing compression massage products

Aerify CHARGE LITE kompressioonimassaaž

Therapeutic Effect

  • Accelerates blood circulation
  • Increased metabolism supports muscle recovery
  • Supports the improvement of training quality
  • Reduces inflammation and swelling
  • Helps the body quickly remove lactic acid
  • Reduces muscle fatigue after intense physical exertion
  • Improves lymphatic circulation
  • Reduces sensory fatigue
  • Reduces joint swelling
  • Good treatment for “heavy legs

Questions and answers

Aerify CHARGE LITE – the most powerful compression massage device
Aerify CHARGE LITE sleeves have 4 chambers and are adjustable with 8 different pressure levels
Aerify CHARGE LITE does not require electric power – convenient battery and mobile device ready to use wherever you are
Aerify CHARGE LITE has 2x more massage programs than other products on the market – a total of 6
Aerify CHARGE LITE allows you to choose between two different lengths of sleeves (M and L)
Aerify CHARGE LITE is a high-quality device with excellent compression massage at an affordable price, without compromising quality

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Compression therapy gets your lymphatic and circulatory systems moving faster, supporting the body’s recovery processes, reducing inflammation and swelling, and contributing to a faster metabolism of tissues.

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