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In 2007, at a sports camp in Ramsau, Austria, Timo Simonlatser, the former skier of the Estonian ski team, had a life-changing encounter with Peeter Kümmel, the skier-physiotherapist, and Lauri Rannama, the then physiotherapist of the Estonian ski team. “Hey guys, I noticed some fascinating rehabilitation tools like massage chairs at the skiing World Cup in Sapporo, Japan,” Lauri said excitedly, introducing the idea to both Peeter and Timo.

Lauri vividly described his experience at a Sapporo technical department store, where he got to try out various massage chairs that left a deep impression on him. “They were something entirely different, none of us have tried anything like it before in Estonia or Europe. These massage chairs are time-saving, versatile, and durable,” Lauri exclaimed, making his case for bringing them to Estonia.

The first order happened so quickly that we hadn’t even formed the company at that point…

A large sea container arrived, filled with 3-4 different models, including some designed for public spaces with coin-operated mechanisms. “Those very massage chairs from the first container are still in use today, showing no signs of fatigue even after more than ten years in public places!” he cheerfully proclaimed.

“Since all three of us were top sportsmen at the time, the venture initially took a backseat to sports. We waited patiently for the right moment, and it came when our athletic careers came to an end. When our sports career was over, the massage chair business became our new outlet. We put extensive effort into developing the business when our health was only half-full,” he recalled.

Our motivation was abundant. ” The goal was to invest in a business we deeply believed in, and that was lacking in the market,” Peeter added. As for Timo, the business seemed economically exciting, presenting an opportunity to put his university-acquired business knowledge to practical use.

Over the past eighteen years, the massage chair industry has progressed incredibly worldwide…

“When we started, the chairs lacked features like hand massages or foot rollers. Even then, they were new and exciting for people! But now, trying out new chairs, everything has advanced so much,” Timo marveled. The introduction of L-Track chairs, covering the neck, back, buttocks, and thighs, and S-Track chairs, providing massage, deeper stretching, and rotation of the waist, brought a significant improvement in quality.

In my journey with massage chairs, I’ve witnessed the development of Estonian people’s health awareness and contributed to it in a significant way. However, there’s still a long way to go. “Today, people usually buy a massage chair after their health has already been affected by age, prolonged forced positions, accidents, or injuries. It’s often the last resort, the turning point that leads them to become more health-conscious,” he observed.

Thankfully, health awareness is on the rise, and companies are offering more preventive health services to their employees…

“Healthy employees are happy employees, and companies understand that now. Often, individuals don’t see the need for prevention until it’s necessary. It’s great to see the model of health problem prevention developing in Estonia through employers, ultimately reaching a broader audience,” Timo emphasized.

Our carefully selected and tested Borealis massage chair models are manufactured in a Chinese factory, with the guidance of 2,000 specialists…

“For excitement and market familiarity, we order demo models from other Asian countries every year for testing. We also attend test fairs where various manufacturers come together. Maybe someone else has done it better? But even for chairs sold under European brands, most of the details still come from China,” he pointed out.

“As for our customers, they’ve been experiencing the healing benefits of Borealis massage chairs for the past eighteen years. And the three of us, Peeter, Lauri, and I, don’t just sell them; we are devoted users ourselves. We integrate the chairs into our own recovery and relaxation routines, and they play a crucial role in the physiotherapy treatments we provide. Over the years, we’ve received countless heartwarming success stories from our customers.”

About us Borealis unnamed

“I recently received a call from an unknown number. It turned out to be a granny from Mulgimaa who wanted to share her experience,” said Timo.

“She told me how, after a long day of running errands in Tartu, where she spends the whole day on her feet, she always uses the massage chairs at the bus terminal before heading home. She called just to express how incredibly useful and rejuvenating it has been for her,” he shared with pride, knowing that their work has made a positive impact on people’s lives.


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