Warranty conditions

General settings

  •  Borealis Eesti OÜ carries out warranty repairs on all sold equipment (hereinafter Devices).
  • The warranty period is 1 year from the date of purchase of the Device.

Responsibility and warranty

  • The warranty includes repair and replacement of parts with defects in production.
  • The warranty applies if the Device has been to a regular maintenance as recommended in the instructions. It is recommended to get the Device checked 1-2 times per year depending on the frequency of use and environmental conditions.
  • The warranty applies if the serial numbers on the device have not been changed and the Device has not been disassembled.
  • The warranty includes a departure fee if the Device is installed on site.

The warranty does not cover malfunctions caused by:

  • Relocating the Device and other accidental damages
  • Negligence or unintentional storage and use of the Device, and overloading
  • Non-adherence to the installation and operating instructions of the device and safety instructions

The warranty is not valid:

  • If the Device has been repaired by an unauthorized person or a service company
  • If the reason is not from Borealis Eesti OÜ (vandalism, thunderstorms, water, fire, voltage changes in the power grid, electrostatics, short circuits, etc.)

The warranty does not include:

  • Repairs to non-essential (scratches, etc.), or replacement of parts caused by normal wearing of fabric
  • Device cleaning, maintenance, and teaching of how to use the Device

Measures in case of failure

  • In case of occurrence of a fault during the warranty period, the Customer shall immediately inform the Borealis Eesti OÜ of the fault. It must be reported which product has the fault (product model, serial number), the faults character as accurately as possible and the situation in which the fault occurred.
  • After the warranty period has expired, no fault can be reported that was known during the warranty period unless it is fixed in writing. In unclear situations, the Customer must always consult with Borealis Eesti OÜ in relation to the repair work, the scope of the warranty, the possible repair obligations and whether the equipment can be repaired at the place of use or at the workshop.